Saturday, January 8, 2011

First Words on my Blog...


This is the first moment in my life that I thought of using a blogspot for my own and the decision I took to do blogging would give me many rewards that I'm very sure of. Being a "New Girl in the Blog City" I hope my thoughts would give the "others" a chance to see "me" through "my own eyes". And at the same moment, I "see" you.

My first thanks in creating my blog spot go to my parents and then to people who are very close to me. Then special thanks goes to my junior University colleague who gave me the idea of stepping towards the door of the "blogspot". Unfortunately, I can't remember your name.Still, I'm thankful to you! 

Cheers to me!!!


It's for the first time in my life that I heard a person having a dream to have "Ants" (which don't sting) around during a picnic! One of my friends explained her dreams to us yesterday when we got together for a little chat. She, my friend, who lives in Colombo, wants to fly a kite, ride a bicycle in a village, run across a paddyfield, see stars at night having popcorns at her hands' reach, take a bath in a lake, go on a journey by a train and have a Unicorn...SOMEDAY in her life...

When we heard her, what we did was laughing out aloud. But, I sensed and got convinced of many things. There's nothing funny in her words. It's just her own mind. It might seem "Really Idiotic", but I saw a "CHILD" that never dies. It's true that every person is "A CHILD AT HEART"! I was not surprised to see her longing to see herself experiencing her dreams in real life. If she gets a horse, she'll begin to think that it's Unicorn even in her dreams.

I think she wants to run across a paddyfield and ride a bicycle in the countryside maybe because she is living in the capital; have a Unicorn and fly a kite because she wants freedom to fly into far away places and see the unknown world; see stars because she is not one who sees the whole world sitting up there in the blue azure and feel the sweetness and salty taste of popcorns or either of the world she has never seen; wants to have a bath in a lake again because she is stucked up in Colombo plus because she knows not from where that water drops springs from with all it's smothering touch; she better travel in the train sitting on the staircase of the train putting the legs out into the wind and swinging them... Yet, what I'm puzzled of is having "Ants" during a picnic! Wonder why "Ants" are so special on such an occasion! Even she doesn't know why she needs those tiny, nice creatures around!

What if I can find the real and honest reasons for her dreams! I'll be excited to identify a great child! A 22 years old girl child! Some questions have no point of searching for them...

Anyway, I wish "May you realize your dreams someday!" Aim at the moon, you'll at least perch on a tree top....


  1. Dear you?

    It is an honour to be the first follower on any Blog and it is my delight that I am your first.

    And your first post was lovely...yes, yes, it's true, those of us who love life remain children at heart, never losing the joy of discovery.

    Thank you very much for taking the trouble to leave a comment when you visited me.

    am sure that it will not be long before you have many readers.

  2. hi daarl!!

    nice thoughts for a first post..go on mate..we will read :D

  3. @Moannie : Thanks a lot Ma'am! Your words do encourage me a lot! I'm ELATED to see you commenting on my First post. More than that, I'm very lucky to have you as my first follower plus it's an honour to me. Thanks again!

    I'm reading all your posts when I get some free time. Thanks for wishing me luck!

    @Deeps : Thanks Deeps! You are my second follower!

  4. Welcome to Blog Land and the wonderful field of expression. Thank you for your visit to APOGEE Poet. Yes, that 'child' is ever the passion, the innocence, the visionary, the call to BE.

  5. @Rose : Thx a lot for the comment! I'm selected only few bloggers to follow. You are one among them. Thanks again!